How do we schedule an OPU/IVF

When scheduling your IVF with In Vitro Frontiers, we require at least a 10 days notice. To schedule your IVF, please make sure to contact our office line at 316-630-4093 or send an email to You may also submit these requests through your online portal (coming soon) and our website at When scheduling your IVF, you must inform our lab with the following information:
Date of OPU
How many donors will you be aspirating?
Are any of these clients new? If yes, please submit a producer/donor information sheet so we can update our software for your convenience.

Can we rent incubators

Incubators are available to rent for OPU and embryo transfer (ET) for a fee if you do not currently own one. Incubators must be shipped back overnight with AM delivery from your local FEDEX or UPS hub no later than 5PM on the day of OPU in order to reach our lab by the following morning. Oocytes must be delivered to the IVF lab within 24 hours of OPU or fertilization will be compromised. If you choose to rent one of our shipping incubators for day 7 transfers, it will come with a return label to be shipped back to our lab. Incubators should be returned within 72 hours after they have been received, if incubators are not returned within 2 weeks an additional rental fee will be charged to your account and will continue to be charged every week after. If incubators are not returned within 30 days, you will be billed for the complete replacement of the shipping incubator.

Where do we send Frozen Semen, embryos, and Cryo-storage

In Vitro Frontiers asks our customers to arrange shipment of frozen semen to the following address:

In Vitro Frontiers
9300 E 29th North, Ste 102
Wichita, KS 67226

We require frozen semen to be shipped no less than four days before any scheduled IVF and recommend that our customers send us at least 2 straws of each bull being used. Shipping multiple straws of each bull helps our lab in the unlikely event of a straw blowing up during the thawing process. We offer short term cryo-storage of frozen semen to our customers at no additional cost but will begin to charge storage fees after 30 days of inactivity of the producers account. Our customers will be able to view their inventories through their secure portals at (coming soon), contacting our main office 316-630-4093, or submitting a request to